• Everything starts with communication, we're only a ring away. Our customer-service is unmatched!
  • This is where we meet with you, the client, in person or by phone to discuss your expectations and budget, to determine if we are the right contractor for your project.

Review Your Project

  • We want to know your questions comments and concerns, we dive deep and understand your needs.
  • We create our estimate based on the information you, the client, provide to us during the job walk. We will submit the estimate to you via email, mail, or in person.

Value Engineering

  • We'll explain to you the benefits of your renovation. We'll lay it out all on the table so you're able to make an informed decision.
  • This is where any changes to the job or budget need to be considered, and the estimate amended if need be. When the project requirements and budget are in line, we will submit the final draft.

Discuss Finance Options

  • We've partnered with the best in the industry to bring you the best rates, approval rate, and security.
  • If you, the client, wish to start the project, A Down Payment of 10% or $1000.00, whichever is less, is due immediately.


  • Our project process is easy, simple, and smooth. We guide you throughout the whole process. Hand in hand and step by step.
  • Our designer and project manager will help come up with a design/plan and select the finish materials that will work for your remodel.

Relax and Enjoy!

  • We will create a schedule to get the project completed as soon as possible.
  • Your home value increases along with your comfort.